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Nearly 50 area women have participated in Nature Force since 2014. And we've had the times. The good ones. The setbacks. The recoveries. The full range of experiences. 

It is a beautiful thing to find your fellow badasses. And to be clear - we are talking about kind badasses. People who live strong and out there and want to help others do the same. It might seem like a paradox but it's simply women living their truth, unapologetically. Being kind on a deep level rather than nice on a superficial level. Being there and showing up for each other in deeply authentic ways. If this sounds like home to you, join us.

I'm Mary McInnis, here to guide you.

I am a biomechanics and psychology geek, and I apply that to teaching yoga and coaching mountain bike handling. I have 10 years in teaching yoga and 3 years racing adventure triathlons and mountain bikes competitively. Below the gallery are some of my racing credentials, but note I had many less successful races early on, and still do. I like the competition. You might not. But you can still learn how to prepare for a competitive event, so you can come out of it more empowered, no matter the place. That's what we do.

But it's not just about the race at the end. No way. It's about how we all change along the way, in our own ways, together. It's about growth that brings happiness. Let's do that.

Check back to meet more of our crew leaders!

Mary's Racing Credentials

placements are overall female


1st Iowa Games Fatbike Race, 1st Winter Warrior Duathlon, 2nd Triple D Winter Bike Race


1st GO CR Fatbike Enduro race, 1st Rugged Toad Adventure Triathlon, 2nd George Wyth MTB CAT 1 Race, 2nd Beverly MTB CAT 1 Race, 1st Powderkeg Fatbike Enduro Race


1st Des Moines Dirty Duathlon, 1st Gravelpocalypse, 1st Rugged Toad Adventure Triathlon, 1st Mullet MTB CAT 2 Race, 1st Sugar Bottom MTB CAT 2 Race, 1st George Wyth MTB CAT 2 Race, 2nd FORC MTB CAT 2 Race, 1st Ingawanis MTB CAT 2 Race, 2nd Iowa State CX Championship CAT 3 Race, 4th Jingle Cross CX CAT 4 Race (twice), 1st Sunnyside CX CAT 4 Race, 1st Twisted Cross CX CAT 4 Race... and some more I can't remember


1st Iowa Games Fatbike Race, 1st Rugged Toad Adventure Tri, 1st Rochester Eco Tri + course record, 1st George Wyth MTB CAT 2 Race


1st Great Ames Adventure Tri Race

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