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WOMENS mountain biking clinicS

To feel confident on a mountain bike requires two things: knowledge of what to do in situations, and a belief you're capable of doing what the situation calls for. That's what you'll get at this clinic.
Here's how the system works:  learn step-by-step how to handle what the trail may dish out - but not on the singletrack. We learn first in a controlled setting with lots of repetition. This controlled setting is called a parking lot. Yes, we spend a lot of time in a parking lot learning and drilling what we've learned until it becomes more natural. Once the skill becomes more natural in the controlled environment, it's easier to access that skill in a less controlled environment - the trail. We end the camp with a short dirt ride to practice applying our newly-attained skills.
Ultimately, it's a formula to ride with more control, efficiency, and speed. When we get the biomechanics of our bodies working with the bike and the terrain we're encountering, we can handle corners, rocky sections, log obstacles, steep climbs, and rippin' descents.
Specific meet-up location will be emailed once you register.
For any women who have done some riding on dirt ("singletrack") trails.

Bike requirements: mountain bike with front shock.

8 spots. 4 hours, $55.

More clinics coming soon!

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