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Focus on Reconnection.

A tour through nature with a yoga teacher and a photographer and the synergistic energy of a group of people like you. A led process and an individual experience of connection, captured along the way. A natural remedy for the disconnect that technology creates. A chance to remember what the woods meant to you when you were younger, and see it that way again. A way to capture your natural state. You'll come away with something tangible to remind you of who you are when you need to recharge, redirect, refocus - photos of you and others and nature. Your photographer is Angel Johnston of Double-Wide Design and your yoga guide is Mary McInnis of Nature Force Works and Ananda Holistic Movement Studio.

We'll connect with earth, water, trees, and each other in playful ways and solemn ways. Be a curious kid one moment, be a centered soul the next. Creativity unique to you and your group dynamic comes out in remarkable ways as the process unfolds. We'll prepare with a guided yoga sequence (no experience necessary), then we'll explore the forest, challenge our comfort zones, and reconnect to parts of ourselves we've forgotten.

Bring a water bottle or two. We'll have snacks, sunscreen, and bug spray on hand.
Takes place in the Cedar Valley. Location details will be emailed to you when you register.
Ages 15 to infinity welcome. For anyone who finds nature meaningful.

2.5 hours, 9 am - 11:30 am, $145 includes 5 individual and 5 group digital shots with full rights.

Go inside - outside.

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