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Mountain Biking

Hi, it's me, Mary, program founder. I'm just gonna tell ya a little bit about mountain biking.

It scared me. I hated it. But I didn't want to leave it that way.

So I went to mountain bike camp. Yeah. It's a thing.

And at that all-women camp in Colorado in 2014, I learned how to do things. And guys - I was in Colorado. It looked like serious mountain biking. And in one weekend, I learned enough to ride some things I didn't think I'd ever ride. Edges. Drops. Big rocks. Tight corners. And I liked it. As a matter of fact, I was hooked.

It worked for me because it was systematic and I had supportive community. And in 2016, I won 6 mountain bike races and advanced to the top category of racing: CAT 1. Cool story, huh?

But I'm telling you because you might be all, "Yikes, mountain biking!"

We all were.

And look at us now.

You can do it. We'll take you through the same systematic process we went through to get where we are. We build skillsets and change mindsets. And a new kind of meaningful fun comes with that.


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