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Trail running

Every dirt trail runner will tell you that you have to be a bit more aware and responsive than in plain ol' running. It's a challenge. It keeps your body moving in all the planes. Even when you stay vertical. ;) We'll have a clinic with ultra trail-run racer Wendy Foote to learn good trail running form, and hear some of her great racing stories that have some of the best guidance rolled right in.  She leads up Trail Sisters Cedar Falls - join in the fun!


We also include a component on heart rate zones to help you dial in your running pace and do what it takes to feel good in your runs. If you don't know anything about HR zones, no problem, that's why we have our very own alumni success story Melissa Clark, certified coach, who has applied HR zone strategy to make huge gains in her running. Running can be fun, Melissa found that out, and is ready to share it all with you.

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