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I'm Mary McInnis, here to guide you.

I draw from yoga, biomechanics, and my masters work in psychology to offer uniquely comprehensive, meaningful experiences and programs that either take you into your inner nature, or get you out in the nature we are all a part of - or both.

I grew up climbing trees and riding bikes in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and the trees and bikes never stopped calling. The thing I once did (that some of you knew as Field of Yoga) was not honoring the call. But now, it is.

As Nature Force Works, it works.

I put Nature Force Works together with the components of dharma (purpose):

(a) FLOW: the things you love to do, that you lose yourself in

(b) STRENGTHS: what you have a knack for understanding and applying

(c) STUDY: what you are compelled to continue studying.

Dharma is the key to how you can best serve others, crafting a meaningful, rich life.

WARNING: knowing the dharma formula is nothing like the path to bringing it into being. But with patience and curiosity about how things might come together, seemingly disparate but crucial aspects of yourself come together in surprising ways.

I have a 500-hour yoga certification, a masters degree in engineering, and a masters degree in psychology (human factors), plus I added a Trauma Informed Yoga module to my training. I'm also a published writer and am working on amping that back up, including my edgy blog. Real is the New Good. I worked in engineering for 10 years, taught college math for a couple, and have been teaching yoga and outdoor programming for 12 years. I am a competitive bike racer, and you can check out my racing credentials below.

After five years in the yoga studio owner grind, I changed over my business so I could focus on developing programming that's the most meaningful to me. I like to race bikes, friends. It's been the biggest influence on my teaching of removing imposed false limits and fully arriving in your power. In the past four years I attended some ground-breaking mountain bike clinics, taught mountain bike skills to nearly 100 women, won lots of bike races and adventure triathlons (kayak, mountain bike, trail run), and integrated it all into my Outer Nature programs.

My experiences also inform my Inner Nature programs with a deeply dharma-driven integration of psychology and yoga in my classes and workshops.

I hit on an effective formula for dharma. And that's what I guide people in.

Flow + Strengths + Study = Dharma

Mary's Racing Credentials

placements are overall female


1st age group/12th female overall Rebecca's Private Idaho Baked Potato 100-mile gravel race, 2nd Ancient Lake Sage Brush Scramble MTB CAT 1 Race, 1st Double D 35-mile Fatbike Race (tied for 2nd Overall male/female). 1st Frozen Fat Fondo Fest 30-mile fatbike race (top 5 Overall male/female), 1st Lake MacBride Fat Tire Classic 25-mile fatbike race.


1st Rugged Toad Adventure Triathlon (5th Overall male/female), 1st Summerset Shoot-out MTB CAT 1 Race, 1st Iowa Games Fatbike Race, 1st Winter Warrior Duathlon, 2nd Des Moines Dirty Duathlon, 2nd Triple D 70-mile Fatbike Race


1st GO CR Fatbike Enduro race, 1st Gravelpocalypse, 1st Rugged Toad Adventure Triathlon, 1st Powderkeg Fatbike Enduro Race, 2nd Beverly MTB CAT 1 Race, 2nd George Wyth MTB CAT 1 Race


1st Des Moines Dirty Duathlon, 1st Gravelpocalypse, 1st Rugged Toad Adventure Triathlon, 1st Mullet MTB CAT 2 Race, 1st Sugar Bottom MTB CAT 2 Race, 1st George Wyth MTB CAT 2 Race, 2nd FORC MTB CAT 2 Race, 1st Ingawanis MTB CAT 2 Race, 2nd Iowa State CX Championship CAT 3 Race, 4th Jingle Cross CX CAT 4 Race (twice), 1st Sunnyside CX CAT 4 Race, 1st Twisted Cross CX CAT 4 Race... and some more I can't remember


1st Iowa Games Fatbike Race, 1st Rugged Toad Adventure Tri, 1st Rochester Eco Tri + course record, 1st George Wyth MTB CAT 2 Race


1st Great Ames Adventure Race (triathlon)

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