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Why Nature Force?

Women are reporting life-changing results overcoming obstacles and moving in new directions. Huh! Why?

This is more than a training program.

It's an empowerment program.

Purposeful Fitness.

We train in a specific way for a rad reason: an adventure triathlon, together.

Focused Learning.

We use legit systems to teach you the things you don't know how to do.

Supportive Community.

We do sh*t  together and hold each other up when we need it most.

Nature Immersion.

We let ourselves be in nature and let nature be in us.

Resilience Builder.

We get the side of yoga that has the good stuff of overcoming stress.

Flow State Experience.

We set ourselves up for the state of flow, where awareness and action merge.

When you put all of this together, you get badass about things you've been needing to do.

You believe in yourself, trust in yourself, find your flow and go with it.

4 ELEMENTS of training


with a supportive crew, educational approach, resilience-building yoga, flow experience - in the midst of nature.

your team of experts includes Chelsie Slaba, ACA certified kayak instructor/former naturalist; Mary McInnis, CAT 1 mountain bike racer/yogi; Wendy Foote, ultra-trail run racer; Melissa Clark, Heart rate zoner/racer; Dr. Suzanne Bartlett Hackenmiller, "nature doc"/racer

Cost is $16/week for 11 weeks, total of $175, enrollment capped at 24.

Includes tons of stuff: 3+ group training opportunities weekly (kayaking, mountain bike learning and riding, trail running, and customized yoga), 3 learning clinics (trail running, heart rate zones, bike tire change/maintenance), 3 river kayak trips, 2 potluck bike rides, a training plan, and all the training resources you need.


6 Nature Force Mountain Bike Learning Sessions - 1.5 hrs

   Alternates Tue/Thu 6:30 pm June 4 - July 16

11 Nature Force BRICKs: mountain bike + trail run - 2 hrs

    Saturdays 7 am June 8 - Aug 17

2 Nature Force Potluck Rides - allow 4 social hours

   2 Sundays - see Crew google calendar

1 Nature Force Hands-on Tire-change Clinic - 1.5 hrs

   date TBA -see Crew google calendar

Fearless Women of Dirt rides - allow 2 social hours

   Mondays 6:30 pm

CVAST group dirt trail rides - allow 2 social hours

   Wednesdays 6:30 pm

Pint Night paved trail rides - allow 2 social hours

   Every other Thursday 6:15 pm starting June 6 



2 Nature Force Kayak Learning Sessions - 1.5 hrs

   Tuesdays 6:30 pm June 11 & June 25

3 Kayak River Runs - 5 hrs

   Sundays 1 pm June 23, July 14, Aug 18

   (August 18 includes mini-triathlon for practice!) 



1 Nature Force Trail Running Learning Session - 1 hr

   Saturday June 8 7 am (before BRICK workout)

1 Heartrate Zone Learning Session - 1 hr

   date TBA - see Crew google calendar

11 Nature Force BRICKs: mountain bike + trail run - 2 hrs

    Saturdays 7 am June 8 - Aug 17

Trail Sisters group trail run - 1 hr

    Wednesdays 6 pm



Nature Force Yoga - 30-45 mins

    Occurring regularly throughout the program

Nature Force Self-defense for Peace of Mind - 1.5 hrs

    Date TBA - see Crew google calendar

Nature Force Cooking Lesson(s) - 1.5 hr

    Date(s) TBA - see Crew google calendar

Nature Force NBD Meditation Club resources - online

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