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Okay so you can't go full bore all the time. But we do go pretty hard. So we need some deliberate balance. Some nourishment. And so, we give you,

The 4th Element

Yoga - We really need this. It keeps us bouncing back. Let's do right by our bodies and our brains. Let's build some resilience into ourselves so we can overcome whatever may come up. In a race. In life. With area teachers skilled in customizing yoga to the specific needs of the crew.

Self Defense - It helps to know what to do if you encounter danger on the trail. We'll have a self-defense lesson to help with your peace of mind.

Cooking - Want to learn to cook healthy things together for some literal nourishment to restore your body? Cool! We got that now thanks to Juli Strasser, UNI dining manager, an alumni with wisdom and connections.

NBD Meditation Club - It's a Facebook group for meditation community - support from others in gaining the benefits of meditation in your life.

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